About Pinnacle

In the Post-9/11 business world, nothing is more important than the safety of our clients, customers and employees.  The Pinnacle Training Group (PTG) provides subject matter experts in the areas of Law Enforcement, Security and Infrastructure Protection to help ensure our clients meet this goal.

The Mission of PTG is to provide a “total package” of Law Enforcement and Security Professionals to secure, educate and protect our client’s facilities, personnel and property.  Our cadre of professional personnel have decades of experience in numerous Law Enforcement, Security and Homeland Security fields. Some of the specialized services P.T.G. can provide include;


Our Canine Teams are fully trained handlers and canines that have completed a minimum of 200 hours of training and have passed an operational certification recognized by a national certifying body.  All courses are conducted by certified K 9 instructors that have completed a 400 hour course of instruction. Any canine entering the program must pass an extensive selection process to become eligible to enter the course of instruction. All K9 teams are maintained monthly by a certified instructor and must repeat certification twice yearly which is beyond the law enforcement standard of annual certification.

• Explosive K-9 Support Teams - Our expert trained and certified explosive detection teams are on call and available to assist your existing security teams with minimal notice.  PTG K-9 teams provide sweeps of high risk areas in advance or in conjunction with traveling executives, corporate board meetings, stockholders meetings or other locations as specified by the client.  Multiple teams are available for deployment at large venues or events spread out over multiple locations. 

• Firearms K-9 Detection Teams – Nationwide, work place violence has become a daily event. Screening for firearms in the workplace and at public venues has become an essential corporate necessity. Our highly skilled Firearm Detection Teams are trained to detect firearms, helping to lessen the availability of firearms in the work place.

• Patrol K-9 Support Teams - Highly trained patrol dog teams stand ready to provide security in the event of disasters, whether natural or man-made.  During these disasters Law Enforcement resources are spread thin and response is limited. Our teams provide a secure perimeter of interior and exterior properties against looters and vandalism.  Multiple teams are available for deployment at events spread out over multiple locations. As an added benefit, our patrol K-9 teams can accompany your personnel into high risk areas where additional protective services are required.

• Narcotics K-9 Detection Teams – Drug use in the work place has become a very serious issue.  Not only does the company have to monitor their own employees, but contract employees as well.  PTG certified narcotics detection K-9 teams are able to assist you in providing a drug free work environment. Our K-9 teams sweep factories, sports arenas, retail and storage facilities, offices and building constructions sites. Utilizing PTG K-9 teams provides your security and management teams an additional asset to address incidents within your corporate structured guidelines.


Our Protective Services staff members are Subject Matter Experts with both professional backgrounds in law enforcement and the military.  PTG instructors possess decades of real world experience and bring this knowledge and expertise to our training programs. 

• Threat Assessment - Whether you have concerns about one facility or multiple locations, PTG can provide assessments of your operations to identify threats. Once identified, a detailed security plan is established, policies revised and training conducted.  This vital security need not only saves lives and property, it also lessens company liability.

• Active Shooter Preparedness – Training will be provided based on the Threat Assessment described above.  PTG will provide a Protective Services member to meet and train your management teams, whether in one group or at multiple locations. Training will cover all pertinent information relating to the Department of Homeland Security’s recommended procedures and will be specific to your companies’ individual location and layout.  Written information will be provided so that management can, in turn, provide the information to each of their responsible departments. 


Pre-Employment and Investigative
Pinnacle Training Group has the capability to provide to our clients pre-employment and investigative polygraph services.  If your company requires polygraph services, please contact us for further information. 

The goal of PTG is to provide unparalleled quality in the services we offer.  Our highly trained and uniquely qualified personnel are second to none.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you may have.  We look forward to working with your organization.