Protective Services Division

  • Active Shoot Preparedness - If a person enters a facility with the intention of taking lives, steps can be taken to lessen the loss of lives. PTG provides training based on threat assessments of each client’s unique situation. Our Protective Services staff members are Subject Matter Experts with professional backgrounds in law enforcement and/or the military. PTG instructors possess decades of training in active shooter response,  SWAT, firearms , tactical response and team supervision
  • Threat Assessment - Whether you have concerns about one facility or multiple locations, PTG can provide assessments of your operations to identify threats. Once identified, a detailed security plan is established, policies revised and training conducted.  This vital security need not only saves lives and property, it also lessens company liability.
  • Active Shooter Preparedness – Training will be provided based on the Threat Assessment described above. PTG will provide a Protective Services member to meet and train your management teams, whether in one group or at multiple locations as needed. Training will cover all pertinent information relating to the Department of Homeland Security’s recommended procedures in addition to our staff’s expertise specific to your companies individual location and layout.  Written information will be provided so that management can in turn provide the information to each of their responsible departments.  Our team will walk through each facility with your managers and provide in depth, current training on how to best to train your employees what to do if this unfortunate, yet, much to frequent event occurs.